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Valmuax: the company

The first productions of Valmuax dating from 1974, the year of its foundation , and based on small auxiliary parts that were then sold to larger companies whom marketed .

The enthusiasm and the spirit of achievement made ​​gradually reach the desired expansion , acquiring more space , renewing equipment , incorporating more personal ... until in 1983 Valmuax moves to a larger warehouse that allows you go to market throughout the Spanish geography occasional furniture ; centers , cabinets, nightstands, bureaus , tables, TV, etc. .

During the 80s the company aware of market needs and adapt their production begins to equip canteens full Spanish families using natural veneers of quality for all your furniture.

The company addressed the assault to XXI century with an eye on expanding your business , new product lines , acquisition of machinery and a new factory for its expansion becomes feasible.

In 2014 we celebrated our 40th anniversary, a source of pride for the team that makes the company still continue in the elite of classic furniture , we securing our path and remain in our sector . Being aware that we have to meet a select clientele continue to innovate with the illusion of the first day . Our collections are designed for you, we hope to fulfill your expectations . You are welcome to Valmuax , home.